• Is Zeigler's Apple Cider pasteurized?

    Yes, Zeigler's Apple Cider is pasteurized for consumer safety. In 2001, the US Food and Drug Administration enacted a requirement that all commercially produced fruit juice must be pasteurized and produced under a HACCP Food Safety Program. Zeigler's has proudly pasteurized all our beverages in order to insure the very safest fruit juice possible since 1996.

  • Where are the Apples used to make Zeigler's Apple Cider grown?

    Apples pressed to make Zeigler's Apple Cider are grown in the United States.  Zeigler's purchases apples from orchards located in Michigan to Maine to North Carolina, but the majority of our apples come from the mid-atlantic states and the Hudson Valley.

  • Are Zeigler's beverages gluten free?

    Yes, all Zeigler's beverages are gluten free.

  • The label on Zeigler's Apple Cider says "no added sugar".  Why is there sugar in the nutrition facts?

    Apples, like all fruits, are full of natural sugars.  Fructose, the natural sugar in apples, is metabolized by the body at a much slower pace than sucrose (table sugar) and as a result, is much better for you.  Because apple cider is the expressed juice of fresh apples, apple cider has all the fructose as well as all the nutrients that occur naturally in apples.

  • What does "Refrigerate after purchase" mean and why is this necessary?

    At the request of retailers, some varieties of Zeigler's Apple Cider are formulated to have a "limited shelf stability", meaning they can be kept at room temperature for a very short time period.  These varieties of apple cider must be returned to refrigeration as soon as possible after purchase to maintain freshness and flavor.

  • Can Zeigler's Apple Cider be used to make hard cider?

    Zeigler's Apple Cider is a pasteurized product so it does not have the normal bacterial flora that would be required for natural fermentation.  It also contains a commonly used preservative for added food safety which would serve to inhibit bacterial growth.  Zeigler's Apple Cider would likely not be a good choice for the home production of hard cider.
    However, If you have access to Zeigler's Organic Apple Cider or Zeigler's Shelf Stable Apple Cider, both are preservative free.  In combination with a controlled starter culture, either of the products may be used to produce hard cider.

  • Why does Zeigler's add a preservative to Apple Cider?

    Use of a commonly used preservative (Potassium sorbate) adds an additional level of safety as Zeigler's Apple Cider moves through today's very complicated supermarket distribution channels.

  • Does Zeigler's make an apple cider without preservatives?

    Yes, Zeigler's makes a number of apple cider varieties that are preservative free.
    Zeigler's Refrigerated certified Organic Cider, Zeigler's shelf stable certified organic and Zeigler's shelf stable Old Fashioned Apple Cider.

  • In Light of recent reports raising concern about arsenic and lead in juice, we want you to know that ...

    Every Day Zeigler's Proudly produces fresh Apple Cider from whole apples grown in the United States.  In every way, Zeigler's Apple Cider exceeds standards of quality established by the FDA, as confirmed regularly by independent lab results.  You and your loved ones can continue to enjoy Zeigler's Apple Cider, knowing that only the best nature has to offer is in every bottle.

  • How long do Zeigler’s drinks last once opened?

    Provided Zeigler's Apple Cider has been stored under refrigeration, it can be enjoyed at least two weeks after opening.

  • Can Zeigler’s drinks be consumed after the Enjoy by date?

    Provided Zeigler's Apple Cider has been stored under refrigeration, yes, it may well be safe to drink after the "enjoy by" date.  If your Cider has been refrigerated at all times and still has a fresh taste, it is safe to drink.  If it has an off smell or flavor, it has very likely been exposed to warm temperatures at some point and should be discarded.

  • Do Zeigler’s drinks contain allergens?

    Zeigler’s juices and drinks contain none of the major 8 allergens that the FDA believes cause major allergic reactions: Peanuts, Soybeans, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacea, Tree Nuts, and Wheat. In addition, all Zeigler juices and drinks are gluten free (no wheat, rye, barley, barley malt, or oats). See our ingredient statements listed on each bottle for ingredients.

    The Zeigler's facility is Allergen free.

  • How can I report a comment or question about a Zeigler product?

    You can reach Zeigler’s Quality Assurance Department by clicking here, or by calling 1-800-854-6123 extension 400.

  • Where can I buy Zeigler’s products?

    Zeigler’s products are sold in the produce departments of most major grocery stores throughout the country. Our Apple Ciders, Flavored Ciders, and Concord Grape Juice are produced year round. Zeigler’s Iced Teas and Lemonades are currently produced in the spring and summer seasons. We recommend you speak to your favorite store’s produce manager or store manager if you are unable to find a Zeigler product. Also, you can user our Find A Store page.

  • What is the difference between Apple Cider and Apple Juice?

    Apple Cider is the juice resulting from the pressing of fresh, whole apples.  It retains much of the pulp of the apple, which gives it a characteristic brown, cloudy appearance.  Apple cider is full of many of the natural nutritional benefits of a whole apple, including rich antioxidant flavernoids.  Apple Juice is filtered to remove all the apple pulp, resulting in a clear, golden fruit juice.